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Contact Us

Please leave only one message by one of the methods below, please do not leave more than one message

You should receive a meaningful reply within a week

If your request is urgent please contact 01752 407999 and ask for the message to be passed to Steve Langman

If you enquiry is for your child to join our classes please answer the following question to allow us to put your child in the appropriate class.

1. Childs name

2. Sex and DoB of child

3. Can your child swim without any aids?

3a. If so, how far can they swim on their front and their back?

4. Is your child comfortable with putting their face in the water?

5. Will your child jump into the water without help?

6. Can your child tread water?

7. Is your child able to swim correct strokes, ie front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly?

8. Does your child have a preference towards specific water activities, ie lifesaving, synchronised swimming, water polo, surfing etc?

9. Has your child had Swimming lessons before, if so where and when?

10. Does your child have any special needs or requirements that a swimming teacher should be aware of?